incomplete list of works:

Alt I Stykker (full length LP released on No Technique, 2019)
Gold Beach (full length LP released on Low Point, 2014)
Three Pieces For Moreschi (released on a split LP with Gareth Hardwick on Low Point, 2012)
Soundtrack_Remix (2CD with accompanying essay by Morten Meldgaard, Under the Spire, 2010)
Luminara (selfreleased on businesscard cd-r in an edition of 52 handnumbered copies. Sold on UK tour, 2009)
To (album released on cd by Low Point, 2009)
Lets The Sun Drag Itself Out In A Long Ray (album released on cd by Monotype Records, 2007)
Atlantik (45min musicfilm collaboration with Morten Meldgaard, 2006)
re: Ilae est psi (piece for 12 players and 8 loudspeakers commissioned by Copenhagen Art Ensemble, 2005)